stacy villanueva

Home is where the heart is. Your home is the epicenter of your world; your safe and secure space where cherished memories are imprinted onto your life story. 


Originally from Kansas, Stacy is a proud Air Force Veteran, military spouse and mother of two amazing and adaptable children. Stacy grew up surrounded by a family of other real estate professionals and from the moment she could speak, she was fascinated by the relationships her family was building within the industry. Countless parties, holidays, and special events were shared not only with her own treasured family, but with her own family’s extended family - happy customers, first-time homeowners, newlyweds, newly divorced, families expecting new arrivals, families saying goodbye to teens heading for college – each one eager to share how Stacy’s family had helped them feel comfortable through the process. As an adult, Stacy has been eager to live out the Air Force ideals and to carry on her family’s legacy; one of respect, honesty, humility, fearlessness, integrity, and ingenuity.


Stacy believes that a life of happiness and balance starts in a stable home and includes strong community partnerships. Stacy currently resides in the charming Northern California city of Vacaville. Vacaville is a city of rapid growth with the heart and feel of a small town - just like her hometown back in Kansas. Her neighbors back home always took pride in having a high level of community involvement, which Stacy has worked hard to encourage in her own neighbors here in Vacaville. Since Stacy’s family imprinted the spirit of charity on her, she finds it easy to connect with her community and the surrounding communities of Solano County as well. Stacy volunteers her time at her children's school, Vacaville Christian School, The Fathers House, The Storehouse and within her local community when the opportunity arises.


Stacy will work tirelessly for you to meet all your seller/buyer needs. She provides the highest level of care and due diligence in your buying/selling process because she understands how important this is to you and will take the time to know your needs. Every detail matters to her and in your process. Stacy will ease your mind with her detailed approach. 

Stacy Villanueva

stacy villanueva

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