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Joe knipp

Joseph Knipp is a 2002 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He served as a Surface Warfare Officer on the USS Monterey, at Special Boat Team 20, the Naval Postgraduate School, and at the NOSC in San Jose for reserve duty. He has completed wartime deployments and wartime training work ups. After leaving the Navy, he transitioned to selling real estate. 


His first experience with the VA Home Loan came after his first brokerage told him these loans were not used in the bay area because the median home price was above the maximum loan limits for the area. Shortly thereafter, Joe sold his first home. A graduate of West Point purchased it for $1.3M, utilizing the VA Home Loan. Since then, Joe has managed over $400M in transactions across the United States and Canada.

Decades later, when Joe began touring homes for his own family, they noticed a pattern; most of the seller’s agents they spoke with fell into two camps: they either were not familiar at all with the VA Home Loan’s slightly different process, or they were not willing to work with a family utilizing the VA Home Loan due to common myths and misunderstandings about the loan's various requirements or overall process.

He persisted through the process, eventually leveraging the VA Home Loan to purchase the home of his family's dreams. We know we can get your family the home of their dreams because we’ve done it ourselves.

Now, GI Joe Homes is dedicated to putting active duty military, veterans, and their families first. We not only specialize in serving active duty military, veterans, and their families in the sale or purchase of their homes, we do so at a reasonable rate, making you and your family’s needs the priority of our business.


Joseph Knipp GI Joe Homes

Joseph Knipp

Founder, Broker​, President

US Navy Veteran


California Broker License No. 01908224

[Pending] Licensed Mortgage Originator No.2007657

Certified Paralegal

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