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Social Media Submission Request

Please fill out this form completely. GI Joe Home's social media managers will be notified and determine the best time and platform on which to share your message, if appropriate.

We find that our most successful posts are:

People are more likely to interact with a social media post if it includes an eye-catching photo, video, or graphic.

Twitter’s 280-character limit keeps our tweets short and to the point. For all other platforms, we try to limit ourselves to two or three sentences. Share the most important information in your post’s text, then provide followers with a link to a website or blog for further details.


However you would tell someone about the information you have to share in person should be how you would tell people about it on social media. Use conversational language and keep your tone light.

Contact our Social Media Manager at with questions.

Select the Social Meda accounts you'd like your post shared on (leave blank for both):
Would you like your name included in the post?
Upload File

After submitting this form, please click over to the GI Joe Homes'

Google Drive > Social Media Images > Agent SMP Images

To upload an image, locate the image on your hard drive, then click + drag it into the appropriate space. Conversely, you may click the + New button on the left hand side of the screen, select File Upload, and locate the image on your drive.

After uploading is complete, locate the file in the Drive folder and right-click it. Select Rename. Enter the address of the home you are posting or other relevant filename in the file name popup, being careful not to change the file extension (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, etc.,).

Thanks! Your post will be uploaded if approved.

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